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Begin this new decade by inspiring young new minds and supporting their opportunity of education. As little as 2$ per month makes a big difference in their successes...

As we begin this decade’s first Leap Year and Black History Month, I’d like to ask all who I know to share this post and encourage everyone to commit at least $2.00 per month via Fundrazr for the remainder of this year to educate young people in Kenya by clicking the link below.

I know it’s not here in America, but it is from the Motherland. Wakanda may not exist, but the idea of it does. We know that historically Black people of all origins have come up with some of the greatest inventions that have shaped the world and Black people continue to make great strides in impressing the world.

Imara Academy was founded out of the necessity to give a real classroom to children who were learning the basics on pews of a church. The initial class began in 2011 and included 6 preschool children and as new classrooms are built each year, those initial children are now (in 2020) starting sixth grade and the school population has grown to almost 200 children.

Their minds are inspired and they are learning the basic concepts of math, sciences, literature and the like. Your sustaining donation of $2.00 per month will go far to provide them with necessities to continue educating them.


I visited my home in Kenya year 2010 after my Grandmother passed at the “young” age of… 

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